Mole Drainage

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As a company who installs land drainage we find the need and want to provide after treatments to ensure that the performance of drains is kept as high as possible.

As a result of this drive, we offer a contact mole drainage service.

We will come and look at the field in question and ask to see the plans for the scheme, if none are present, we may have to carry out some investigation works to see if the scheme is suitable for mole drainage.

If it is, after harvest or in the spring depending on the clients requirements, our staff will travel to the field and sample the soil to ensure that it is of the correct moisture content to produce a suitable long lasting mole.

Contact will then be made with the client to inform them of the findings and arrange the transport needs to get the mole drainer to the field.

Mole Drainage Services, Suffolk, Essex
Mole Drainage Services, Suffolk, Essex

Mole drainage is carried out using our own design mole drainers which are built in house by our fabricator, towed by caterpillar tracked tractors.  These machines provide the best most positive form of traction with minimal slip which keeps surface compaction and soil damage to an absolute minimum.

We have kept the same design for many years but have made numerous improvements and feel our current model is ideal to produce long lasting moles.

Our mole drainers are available to purchase if requested, please contact the office regarding this matter.

For more information or to make an enquiry on our Mole Draining service either click here or call us on:

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