New Miles Mole Plough

& Miles Mole Plough Spares/Parts

As well as manufacturing the Miles Single Leg Mole Plough in three formats, Miles Drainage (20) Ltd also is able to recondition second hand or damaged machines, as well as supplying spares and all wearing parts. Collections are welcome, or deliveries can be arranged.

The Miles Mole Plough is available in three different formats,

a) Standard Beam
Miles Single Leg Hydraulic Mole Plough, with standard beams, high hake with transport and work drawbar, front and rear skids, knife and knife block, double ended blade, 3” Mole and 4” steel expander.

b) High Clear
Miles Single Leg Hydraulic Mole Plough as in a) but with high clear attachment to assist with trash control.

c) High Clear and Pitch Adjuster
Miles Single Leg Hydraulic Mole Plough as in b) but with pitch adjuster for easy machine set up and adjust machine.

Wearing parts and spares available for a Miles Mole Plough

Wearing Parts

  • Double Ended Mole Drainer Leg made out of boron steel
  • 3” Mole Foot/Bullet
  • 4” Steel Expander
  • 4” Ceramic Expander
  • Expander (to foot) Chain
  • Roll Pins (3 per foot)

Skids to protect underside of beams

  • Front Skid (Single)
  • Centre Skid (45 ½ Long)
  • Rear Skid (40” Long)
  • M12 x 40mm Counter Sunk Bolt
  • M12 Hexagon Nut

Knife and Block

  • Knife Support Block
  • Weld on Knife

Other Available Parts

  • Lift Ram Complete
  • Set of Beams (drilled)
  • High Clear Beams Only (Drilled)
  • High Clear Kit – Including beams, plates, bolts and nuts
  • Standard Front Hake
  • High Front Hake
  • Short Transport Drawbar for High Front Hake
  • Drawbar for Moling
  • Pitch Adjuster Kit
For more information or to make an enquiry on our Mole Draining service either click here or call us on:

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