Farmers Guide March 2019

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Farmers Guide March 2019 - Miles Drainage

Farmers Guide March 2019

Maintenance is Key

Here at Miles Drainage we continue to see the common link between black-grass and poor drainage.

In some fields it is as clear as black and white, with the well-drained areas free of black-grass, and the infested areas clearly showing the need for, or lack of drainage.

The problem could simply be a lack of maintenance. With less full-time farm staff and more acres to farm, drain maintenance can unfortunately become easily overlooked.

For a drainage scheme to operate to its full potential, the outfalls need to be in good condition and have a suitable freeboard (the difference between the drain invert and the ditch bed). Drains which are hidden in the undergrowth need to be found, cleared and marked with a suitable marker post, making them easier to locate.

Spring is also a good time to carry out drain jetting and it is never too early to start planning your mole draining deciding whether it is to be undertaken through the growing crop, or after harvest.

Miles Drainage has the experience and availability to assist with all of the above, especially drain maintenance during the winter months, so now is a good time to contact us and discuss your requirements

Based in East Anglia but operating nationwide, the company provides a GPS based quality land drainage design and installation service to agricultural, equestrian and sports field customers. Miles Drainage manufactures the Single Leg Mole Plough as well as supplying spares and wearing parts.